Stone Animal Spirit Guides - Down to Earth
Stone Animal Spirit Guides - Down to Earth
Stone Animal Spirit Guides - Down to Earth
Stone Animal Spirit Guides - Down to Earth
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Stone Animal Spirit Guide

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Approx. 1.5" stone animal spirit guides.

  • Bat
    • The bat is they symbol of intuition, dreaming, & vision and  also symbolizes birth and rebirth and is closely connected to the Earth.
  • Bear
    • The bear is deeply emotional and feels a connection to the earth and the outdoors.
  • Brontosaurus 
    • The brontosaurus symbolizes awareness of the power of self, proper use of slowness, ease of movement through emotional water and ability to digest all aspects of an issue. 
  • Bull
    • The bull symbolizes fertility, expressive, strength, courage, procurement and hasty.
  • Cat
    • The cat often symbolizes curiosity, adventure, and independence. It has also mastered the art of patience.
  • Crab
    • The crab symbolizes fierce warrior, emotional, relentless, individualistic, sensitive and reclusive. 
  • Dolphin
    • The dolphin represents playfulness and wisdom. It is a master communicator and unifier.
  • Dragonfly
    • The dragonfly symbolizes transformation, lively, flexibility, connection, emotional and illusionary.
  • Duck
    • The duck symbolizes opportunity, intuition, emotion, growth, escape comfort zone, calmness and patience. 
  • Eagle
    • The eagle symbolizes goal-oriented, focused, adventurous, resilient, vision, power and freedom.
  • Elephant
    • The elephant symbolizes wisdom, gentleness, and spiritual understanding.
  • Fish
    • The fish symbolizes divine feminine, fertility, sexuality, healing, relationships, health, feelings, luck and change. 
  • Frog
    • The frog is often thought to help heal physical and emotional wounds. This animal speaks to the importance of checking in with oneself and healing from the past in order to live in the present.
  • Giraffe
    • The giraffe symbolizes individuality, intelligence, peace, farsightedness, cleverness, gentleness and patience.
  • Hippopotamus
    • The hippopotamus symbolizes  strength, protection, wisdom, hard-working, fertile and balance.
  • Horse
    • The horse is the guide of passion and drive. It's incredibly productive and goal-oriented.
  • Kangaroo
    • The kangaroo symbolizes ambition, energetic, generosity, humor, independence, leadership, protector and strength. 
  • Koala
    • Gratitude, healing, calmness, trust, empathy, magic, protection and pleasure.
  • Lion
    • The lion represents heart and courage. It's a natural-born leader with a deep sense of authority.
  • Mammoth
    • The mammoth symbolizes courage, endurance, healing and money.
  • Moose
    • The moose symbolizes endurance, intelligence, dignity, feminine, strength and impulsive.
  • Mouse
    • The mouse represents the importance of details and scrutiny. It reminds us not to overlook the smaller stuff in life.
  • Owl
    • Owls have the ability to see what others miss. They know the deeper meaning of things and discover the hidden treasures in life.
  • Pelican
    • The pelican symbolizes generosity, calmness, meditation, balance, strength, forgiveness, healing and teamwork. 
  • Penguin
    • The penguin symbolizes community-minded, grace, discipline, confidence, sacrifice, spiritual and determination.
  • Pig
    • The pig symbolizes abundance, fertility, good luck, sincerity, determination, materialism and forward thinking.
  • Rabbit
    • The rabbit symbolizes creativity, prosperity, intensity, love, cleverness, sensitivity, harmony, and imagination.
  • Raven
    • The raven symbolizes strength, protection, intellect, wisdom, resilience, adaptability and psychic.
  • Rhinoceros
    • The rhinoceros symbolizes intelligence,  isolated, decisive, endurance, liberated and insightful.
  • Rooster
    • The rooster symbolizes fearless, unique, intimacy, ego, nonconformity and intrusive.
  • Seahorse
    • The seahorse symbolizes the afterlife, power, luck, kindness, manners, progress, stealth, partnership and perception.
  • Seal
    • The seal symbolizes imagination, good fortune, humor, dreaming, transformation and inventiveness.
  • Sea Turtle
    • The sea turtle symbolizes protection, good luck and longevity.
  • Shark
    • The Shark symbolizes comprehension, personal power, leadership, work ethic, transformation, productivity and independence. 
  • Snake
    • The snake symbolizes impulsive, power, shrewdness, transformation, magic, fear, wisdom and healing.
  • Starfish
    • The Starfish inspires when your creative well runs dry. Starfish spurs clarity in your choices and personalized ways of making a mark. Starfish Spirit Animal encourages you to extend your higher senses and trust yourself.
  • Stegosaurus
    • The stegosaurus symbolize good luck, prosperity, wisdom, knowledge, strength and power. 
  • Stingray
    • The Stingray symbolizes cooperation, direction, hidden emotions, patience self-knowledge, self-trust and subconscious.
  • Swan
    • The swan brings grace, strength, longevity, and the ability to accept change. Swans teach one about inner beauty and self-worth.
  • Tortoise
    • The tortoise symbolizes wisdom, endurance, longevity, being grounded, safety, healing, fertility and protection. 
  • T-Rex
    • The T-Rex symbolizes confidence and strength but also the love for a good challenge and the rewards of such challenge.
  • Triceratops
    • The triceratops symbolizes strength, courage, fortitude, wisdom and knowledge.
  • Unicorn
    • The unicorn is a symbol of purity and grace and represents all that is good in the world and reminds us that we should strive to be our best selves.
  • Walrus
    • The walrus symbolizes adaptation, curiosity & cleverness, emotions, happiness, humor, protective and psychometry. 
  • Whale
    • The whale symbolizes wisdom, power, strength, self-reliance, protection, bravery and ancestry.
  • Wolf
    • The wolf is connected to intelligence, instincts, and freedom. It follows primal instincts above all else.