Tiger's Eye Smudging Kit - Down To Earth

Tiger's Eye Smudging Kit

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This sage smudge kit is the perfect smudge kit for beginners!

This Kit Includes:

  • 1 Organic White Sage Stick-bundle 4-5"
  • 1 Palo Santo Incense Stick 4" 
  • 1 Selenite Wand Raw 6"
  • 1 Tumbled Tiger's Eye Crystal 
  • 1 Detailed smudging Guide

White Sage -Sourced by sustainable growing methods and eco-friendly practices

Palo Santo- Palo Santo, or the “holy wood”, is used to enhance spiritual practices, dissolve negative energy, and combat unwanted entities. Sourced by sustainable growing methods and eco-friendly practices

Selenite- Selenite is the ultimate energy tool to purify, clear and cleanse your crystals, tarot deck, altar or your environment.

Tigers Eye has a powerful energy that combines the grounding qualities of the Earth with the uplifting vitality of the sun allowing us to feel grounded in a high vibrational state.  A stone of balance, it works to align our lower Chakras by stimulating the flow of Kundalini, as well as harmonizing our Yin Yang energy.  Tigers Eye is a protective stone used as a talisman since ancient times to ward off evil and negativity.  It instills the courage we need to recognize what strengths and talents we already possess, along with areas of ourselves that need improvement.  Increasing self-worth and self-esteem, Tigers Eye promotes creativity and clarity to resolve our internal conflicts enabling us to proceed with our highest intentions as the best version of ourselves.

Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus & Third Eye
Astrological Signs: Leo & Capricorn
Elements: Fire & Earth