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Shungite Tumbled

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Approximately 0.75"-1.25" sized polished Shungite pieces.

Utilizing Shungite yields a variety of effects on the body, including the activation of all seven primary chakras. This remarkable mineral serves as a detoxifying agent for the body and a means to dispel negativity from the mind, also acting as an aura purifier. Shungite proves indispensable for individuals grappling with intense and uncontrollable emotions, offering a conduit for light to infuse the body while expelling negativity. Incorporating Shungite in the form of jewelry or carrying any variety of it enhances your protective shield significantly. Shungite's profound grounding properties house sacred energies that can be readily invoked for various forms of protection.

Chakra: All 
Astrological Signs: Scorpio, Cancer & Pisces 
Elements: Fire, Wind, & Storm