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Rhyolite Tumbled

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Approximately .75"-1.5" sized polished Rhyolite pieces.

It helps narrow your focus on what's really important. Perceived as a balancing stone, rhyolite is often recommended to increase self-esteem, self-worth while helping to bring resolution to issues. It is stone that is thought to facilitate change, variety and progress while helping to deal calmly with challenges. Rhyolite clears away self-doubt and replaces it with confidence. Rhyolite encourages positive thinking and a positive attitude. It can help can help realign a busy life and find a natural rhythm of balance and harmony. This crystal is also used to assist in fulfilling one's goals and making one's dreams come true, while strengthening the soul, body and mind. 

Chakras: All
Astrological sign: Gemini, Sagittarius & Aquarius 
Element: Earth