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Red Brecciated Jasper Tumbled

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Approximately .75"-1" sized polished Red Brecciated Jasper pieces.

Brecciated Jasper combines the nurturing energy of Jasper with the grounding energy of Hematite resulting in emotional stability and mental clarity. It assists us by promoting a feeling of wholeness, encouraging strength and vitality during times of turmoil. It is a great stone to help overcome any sexual guilt or shame we may feel about ourselves, along with calming any aggressive energy we have towards sex. Removing negativity from our space, Brecciated Jasper assists when we are feeling overwhelmed, encouraging us to remain calm, focused and organized, enabling new ideals to flow until we accomplish all we set out to do.

Chakras: Root & Sacral
Astrological Signs: Aries & Scorpio
Element: Fire