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Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled

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Approximately .75"-1" sized polished Rainbow Moonstone pieces.

The energies of Rainbow Moonstone serve to activate and harmonize all of our chakras, promoting the unobstructed flow of energy. This gentle yet potent crystal emanates soothing vibrations, enveloping us in a tranquil and relaxing aura. It forms a profound connection with our emotional state and current mental condition. Rainbow Moonstone proves to be an invaluable companion in preserving mental clarity throughout the day and acting as a shield for our aura, warding off negative energies that seek to attach themselves to us. By aiding in maintaining a clear mind, Rainbow Moonstone unveils its inherent ability, common to Moonstones in general, to elevate our awareness, intuition, and intellectual acumen. These qualities can then be harnessed to support any aspiration or desire we may harbor. This gem inspires us to embrace new opportunities and remain receptive to fresh beginnings that may cross our path.

Chakras: All
Astrological Sign: Scorpio, Libra & Cancer
Elements: Water