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Green Quartz Raw

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Approximately 1.5"-2 sized rough Green Quartz pieces.

Green Quartz is the most common name for the stone called Prasiolite. Prasiolite is a type of Quartz that contains inclusions such as Chlorite, and Actinolite. Green Quartz is a crystal that anyone on a spiritual path should know about. The healing properties of this stone are known to have a gentle but powerful ability to impact a person physically, emotionally, spiritually and metaphysically. The healing properties of Green Quartz can help boost your mood by helping you to see the brighter side of things. Sometimes all it takes is to be able to see situations from a different, more joyful perspective. Green Quartz can help you to not overthink situations and to see issues with more clarity. The metaphysical properties of Green Quartz make it an excellent tool for heart chakra work. Healing and opening this chakra can set you on the path to greater love for others and for yourself.

Chakras: Heart
Astrological Signs: Pisces, Libra & Aries
Element: Spirit