Garnet Soap Rock - Down To Earth

Garnet Soap Rock

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Natural soap created as replica of earth's precious stone. Made from mild, extra long-lasting vegetable glycerin. Bar lights up under water, and over many uses, slowly weathers away in your hands like a stream stone in geologic time. For All Skin Types, including sensitive. Can be used daily on chapped, dry and/or rough skin. Eco-friendly. USA Made. Vegetable Base. Place soap on soap dish. Great addition to any sink or bath. 

  • Fragrance: Crimson and cranberry
  • Net weight: 4oz.
  • Not tested on animals
  • Gentle for sensitive skin

Each soap rock is different and unique in its own way. Colors may vary.

INGREDIENTS: Almond Oil, Aloe, Calendula, Chamomile Oil, Chlorophyll, Comfrey, Jojoba Oil, Kaolin Clay, Lavender, Mineral Earth, Olive Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, and Vitamins A & E. Discontinue use if irritation develops. 4 oz. size. Handmade so they will vary in size, shape and color. Individually wrapped.