Rough Emerald Crystal - Down To Earth

Emerald Raw

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Approximately 1"-2" sized rough Emerald pieces.

Emerald is powerful Heart Chakra stone known as the “stone of successful love” as it radiates a vibrant energy of unconditional love upon us.  It opens our hearts to accept ourselves and all the gifts that life has bestowed upon us.  A stone of loyalty, it promotes domestic bliss, partnership, friendship and unity.  It encourages balance in mind, body and spirit by dispelling negativity and enhancing positive actions toward self-improvement.  Emerald encourages us to be patient while we work on ourselves and assists by promoting strength of character helping us overcome any misfortunes in our life.  In addition, it strengthens mental clarity and memory while promoting wisdom, discernment of truth and self-expression allowing us to bring to the surface issues only known on a sub-conscious level.   Emerald is a great stone to use when working in groups of two or more as it encourages teamwork, bonding and communication. 

Chakra: Heart
Astrological Sign: Aries, Libra & Gemini
Element: Earth