Rose Quartz Smudging Kit - Down To Earth

Rose Quartz Smudging Kit

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This sage smudge kit is the perfect smudge kit for beginners!

This Kit Includes:

  • 1 Organic White Sage Stick-bundle 4-5"
  • 1 Palo Santo Incense Stick 4" 
  • 1 Selenite Wand Raw 6"
  • 1 Raw Rose Quartz Crystal 
  • 1 Detailed smudging Guide

White Sage -Sourced by sustainable growing methods and eco-friendly practices 

Palo Santo- Palo Santo, or the “holy wood”, is used to enhance spiritual practices, dissolve negative energy, and combat unwanted entities. Sourced by sustainable growing methods and eco-friendly practices 

Selenite- Selenite is the ultimate energy tool to purify, clear and cleanse your crystals, tarot deck, altar or your environment.

Rose Quartz is known as "The Stone of Unconditional Love."  It has a soothing energy that increases empathy towards oneself and others.  It helps improve our ability to forgive ourselves for our past indiscretions.  It also gives us the strength and courage to forgive others for any wrongs they may have done to us.  Rose Quartz reminds us that compassion and forgiveness towards ourselves and others is essential to our growth.   Without them, we continue to carry too heavy of a burden that will weigh us down and hinder us on our journey towards enlightenment. Rose Quartz understands how difficult this task can be and will assist by lowering stress and tension and dissipating any anger and jealousy we are holding onto, fostering only loving, peaceful thoughts and actions.

Chakra: Heart
Astrological Signs: Taurus & Libra
Elements: Earth & Water