Unlocking Crystal Care: The Power of Selenite Bowls for Cleansing and Charging Crystals

Selenite bowls are the perfect way to store, clear, and charge your crystals or crystal jewelry. Selenite, one of the highest vibration crystals on Earth, does not require cleansing. One of selenite's properties is its ability to amplify and purify the energy of other crystals while naturally transmuting negative energy.

Crystals absorb energy from their environment, so whenever you purchase a new crystal, it's important to cleanse it before use. Never use your new crystals before cleansing them.

Selenite Bowls for Cleansing & Charging

Additionally, it is recommended to cleanse and recharge your crystals occasionally. For frequently used crystals, cleansing once a week is sufficient, while monthly cleansing is suitable for less frequently used ones. You can also cleanse and recharge your crystal jewelry by placing them overnight in a selenite bowl. For continuous cleansing, you can store pieces you often wear in selenite bowls.

Selenite bowls not only provide an aesthetic way to display your crystals at home but also cleanse them. The high vibration of selenite brings peace and harmony to your environment, creating a feeling of tranquility in any room you place it in. In our shop, you will find a selection of beautiful selenite bowls to meet your needs.

Here's how to take care of your selenite bowl:

  • Recharge your selenite bowl under moonlight when needed.
  • Avoid using water as selenite is a soft crystal and can be damaged.
  • Clean your bowl with a soft dry cloth, as selenite scratches and flakes easily.

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