Navigating Aries Season: The First Mercury Retrograde of 2024

From March 21 to April 19, 2024, the Sun will be in Aries. During this time, Aries imbues the Sun with enthusiasm and spontaneity. We feel driven by the urge to conquer and initiate new endeavours. Aries is known for its quick resilience – shame rarely lingers with this sign. It exudes bravery and a pioneering spirit, often with an innocent quality. Our needs become direct and uncomplicated, yet we may also exhibit impulsiveness and a reluctance to plan for the future.

Photo of a ram's head, the symbol of the astrological sign Aries.

This Aries Season brings a unique blend of energies. On March 19th, the Sun transitions into Aries, while Mars, Aries' ruling planet, moves into Pisces. This combination encourages us to explore our dreams and emotions actively. Our interactions with others and our approach to situations may take on a dreamy, non-confrontational tone.

Additionally, the lunar eclipse in Libra on March 25th prompts us to assess our commitments. We'll be making decisions about which relationships and endeavors are most important to us. Some partnerships may come to an end while new ones emerge. This eclipse also signifies a period of releasing the past and embracing a renewed sense of self.

Solar Eclipse to Kick off Mercury in Retrograde

Each year carries its distinct set of energies, and this time, Aries Season commences with a gentle rhythm before crescendoing into a powerful anthem. To mitigate unwanted disruptions, it's crucial to remain focused on our individual paths and avoid veering off course.

The upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8th is anticipated to stir up significant excitement, prompting us to step beyond our comfort zones and embrace profound changes. This celestial event has the potential to bring unexpected and impulsive conclusions to various situations, leading to the adoption of new philosophies and lifestyles.

With Mercury retrograde during the eclipse (April 8 - April 25), understanding its effects may require patience and observation. It's essential to prioritize our own needs when making decisions and refrain from getting entangled in drama within our relationships. Avoid taking things personally and reacting quickly.

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Crystal Recommendations for Retrograde Season 

Photograph of crystals sold by Down to Earth


We recommend carrying around bloodstone and hematite for their protective qualities. Any crystals that can act as a shield from evil eye is vital during retrograde season. Since communication will be experiencing blockages, we also recommend carrying stones that activate our throat chakras and calm our nervous systems like aquamarine.   

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