How Venus in Pisces Affects You

Venus entered Pisces on March 11 and will remain in this water sign until April 4. This dreamy period can invigorate a lover's heart, cultivate creativity and causes all signs of the zodiac to delve into their subconscious. 

Venus entering Pisces marks a time of heightened sensitivity and romantic idealism in matters of love and relationships. Pisces, a sign associated with compassion, intuition, and spirituality, blends with Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony, creating an atmosphere of dreaminess and romanticism.

During this transit, relationships may become more emotionally intense, and there's a greater emphasis on empathy, understanding, and connection. Venus in Pisces encourages us to dissolve boundaries and barriers in our relationships, fostering a deeper emotional bond and a willingness to see beyond surface appearances.

Creativity and artistic expression are also favored under this influence, as Pisces inspires imagination and a connection to the ethereal realms. It's a wonderful time for indulging in artistic pursuits, exploring fantasies, and expressing love and affection through creative means.

However, there's a tendency to idealize love and overlook flaws during Venus' journey through Pisces, so it's essential to maintain a balance between romantic idealism and practicality. While this transit can bring about beautiful experiences of unconditional love and soulful connections, it's crucial to stay grounded and maintain realistic expectations in relationships.

To best navigate the waters of Venus in Pisces, we recommend carrying around the ultimate love stone, rose quartz, as well as amethyst to ease anxiety and aid creative endeavors. 

Raw rose quartz and amethyst in a bowl.

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