How To Use A Crystal Grid

For the crystal lovers, collectors, and ritual-makers, crystal grids are the next step in your journey of crystal work.  A grid is more powerful than simply working with a single crystal, crystal grids harness the power of complimentary crystals to supercharge your intention or goal.

By arranging multiple crystals in a specific pattern, you can create a powerful collection of energies, calling on the force of the trinity found inside your intention, the crystals, and the sacred geometric patterns. We offer pre-made crystal grid kits for studying, protection & energy

How Crystal Grids Work.

Crystal grids create a harmonious energy field entirely aligned towards your intentions by calling on the powers of the universe to aide in its manifestation. By using a specific combination of intention, crystals, and design, you can strengthen the power and focus of your intention.

How to Make Your Own Crystal Grid.

  1. Decide on your intention. What are you making this crystal grid for? Are you looking to call in good intentions or repel negative energy?  You can select any intention you choose , such as "reducing daily anxiety" or "a peaceful night's sleep" . Your intention is the heart of your crystal grid so your intention should be clear. 
  • Select your crystals. Now choose crystals whose energy align with your intention. Your crystals will play different roles so choosing them is important. You will first need to pick a focus stone to be the center of your grid. This stone will gather and focus the universe's energy to your grid. it will amplify and strengthen your intention. Quartz is an excellent choice for this as it is a powerful focus stone that works with any intention and has clear channeling powers. Next you will need to choose crystals to support your intention. The color, properties and even shapes can be selected to coordinate with your goal. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started. 

Crystals for Abundance

Crystals for Clearing/Protection

Remember, this is only a guideline, choose crystal's that call to you, trust your intuition. 

Crystal grid board

  • Prepare your grid. Using your crystal grid, pick out the spot where you want to your crystal grid to sit. Place on a flat surface preparing the space for the next step.
  • Cleanse the space. Using smoke, sound, or candles, clear the space and the crystals that you’re using for the grid.
  • Lay out your crystals. Begin by laying your focus stone in the center of the grid. Then continue to follow the geometric pattern on your grid. The goal for this step isn’t to achieve perfection, but to lay out the crystals in a way that feels correct for you.
  • State your intention. Clearly and verbally state your intention into the grid you’ve created below. Visualize what the manifestation of this intention will look like. At this point, if there are any spirits/energies/deities you work with that would be suitable for the intentions of this grid, call on them now to aide you in your crystal work.
  • Activate the grid. you can use a crystal wand, or a finger on your dominant hand, and begin by following the path laid out by the crystals on your grid. Trace out the pattern from one stone to the next, clearly showing the connection between each crystal. Continue this until the entire grid has been connected and this will activate your grid.    
  • Let the grid work its magic.  Now, it’s time to step back and let the grid do what it was intended to do. You can return to your grid every three days and reactivate it using the step above, but this isn’t necessary to achieve your desired intention. You can just leave the grid and it will continue to work. You can keep the grid up for as long as you feel the need is there. 

When it comes to creating crystal grids, it’s important to remember that the process is more intuitive than anything else. This is a ritual to harness and channel the energies you’re calling in with your intention so only you know what is best.  Following your intuition will aid in aligning the grid with your intentions and desires. 

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