Happiness Crystal Kit

Happiness beginner crystal kit
These happiness crystals were chosen to give you positive energy and bring out feelings of happiness, joy and love. These stones are very helpful in maintaining positive thinking and in attracting blessings of all kinds. The perfect gift to celebrate birthdays, graduations, goal accomplishments or to celebrate good news! Also makes a wonderful thank you gift. Perfect for someone who is looking to build on feelings of happiness and joy, seeking positivity or looking to attract blessings or express gratitude.

In the Happiness Crystal Kit, you will get the following stones:
Bumblebee Jasper: Positive & upbeat attitude
Carnelian: Encourages courage & positive energy
Garnet: Promotes confidence & self-esteem
Selenite: Uplifts & removes negative energy
Glass Heart: Perfect pocket token to remember you're loved
Beginner Crystal kits

These stones work together to attract pure happiness and joy to the heart and environment and are the perfect starter kit!

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