Flower Moon in Sagittarius

Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius, 8:53 a.m. CST.

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This May 23 at 8:53 a.m. CST, the sun in Gemini will form opposition to the moon in Sagittarius, causing a full moon centered on expansion, community and zealousness. This lunar duo challenges us to toe the line of logic and intuition, while not depriving ourselves of emotional expression. 

Sagittarius, a fire sign and the 9th zodiac on the wheel, is driven by passion while air-sign Gemini moves through the world in more calculated means. Both approaches serve their purpose, but this full moon encourages us to bridge the gaps between the two, cultivating a beneficial connection of the head and the heart. Neglecting either aspect of this axis is a detriment to our growth, keeping us from an evolved state.

So, how do we honor both the fire and the air this full moon, while keeping both energies in check? We must first understand the influence of both signs to further see how their energies converge. 

From the Fire

Informational graphic of the zodiac sign, Sagittarius. Posted by Down to Earth. - Down to Earth.

Fearless Sagittarius will invoke a feeling of fresh vigor, creating a great opportunity to reevaluate and recommit to your long-term goals, travel plans, and personal beliefs. Sagittarius’ planetary ruler, joyful Jupiter, will boost self-confidence and instill a hunger for, ‘more,’ out of this life.

This driven energy can be honored through taking classes, watching documentaries, engaging in joyful movement, traveling and spending time outdoors. Too much fire energy can leave us feeling wired, so prioritizing restoration and movement is vital during this period. 

From the Air

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With the Sun in Gemini until June 20, we are driven by knowledge and diversity. This influence makes us more sociable, intellectual, and insatiably curious. However, our curiosity and awareness of many options can lead us to spread our energies thin. While we become more communicative and versatile, we might also become unreliable. 

This influence can also make us prone to gossip, being overly intellectual, or excessively rational when a gentler approach is needed. As we share and process information, there is a risk of becoming too cerebral, losing touch with our emotions. We best serve ourselves and others when we can blend both the head and the heart.

Air energy is best harnessed through psychological and communicative means. To best celebrate Gemini’s season, take time to journal, try new things with friends, learn a new skill, practice a foreign language or plan a trip! This air sign is most influential when their craving for mental expansion is filled.

How to Harness the Elements: Crystals to Connect the Head and the Heart

This full moon combines the insatiable and positive energies of a Sagittarius moon, with the cerebral and observant behavior of the sun in Gemini. This balance between the heart (Sagittarius) and the head (Gemini) can be challenging, so it is recommended to carry healing crystals with you to encourage this connection. 

Kunzite is a potent crystal that rules both the head and heart chakras. It acts as an 'attunement' stone, recalibrating the tie between the two. This stone is most popular in the usage of clearing old blockages and healing emotional wounds. Ruled by Pluto, the planet symbolizing rebirth and regeneration, Kunzite can play a significant role in the journey of personal transformation.

Charoite is a deep purple and black stone that is only found in Siberia, Russia, that is ruled by Sagittarius. This stone gently dusts away energies that no longer serve us, while also protecting our auric field from psychic attacks. Mental protection aids the connection between the crown and heart chakra by providing safety from outside influences.

Green Aventurine is a stone of renewal, luck and optimism that is a member of the quartz family. This stone revitalizes the user's confidence and encourages them to take action to acquire what they want in this world.    

Sagittarius Full Moon Journal Prompts

We can further encourage the connection and balance between the heart and the head by journaling. Below are some prompts to assist this inner reflection:

  • Do my inner beliefs match with my outward actions?
  • Where can I challenge myself to deepen my understanding?
  • Do I practice what I preach?
  • Do I spend time with people who challenge me?
  • How have I let my naivety block my manifestations?
  • Where is my energy best aligned?

In Conclusion

The Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius on May 23 at 8:53 a.m. CST presents a wonderful chance for personal growth and transformation. This cosmic event brings together the fiery passion of Sagittarius and the intellectual airiness of Gemini, pushing us to balance our hearts and minds.

By embracing the unique energies of both signs, we can move through this period feeling renewed and clear-headed. Crystals like Kunzite and Charoite can help us harmonize these energies, while journaling prompts provide a way to reflect deeply and ensure our inner beliefs match our actions. This full moon's energy invites us to connect more deeply with ourselves and the world around us.

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  • I’m so glad I found this site!! As someone only beginning to pay attention to the energy attached to the moon’s cycle, it’s difficult to find straightforward, accurate information uncluttered by over-the-top mystical language obscuring a lack of depth or understanding. That these articles not only address the moon itself, but also the ways it intersects with the other energies it intertwines with and provides divergent actionable ways to engage with those energies (by journaling, paying attention to where your efforts are directed, and/or picking up some new rocks to focus those intents) is so so helpful. Thanks!! Always so excited for the next one!


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