Crystal Facial Rollers

Crystal Facial Rollers have properties that increase circulation to your skin, promote the production of collagen, calm sensitive skin, and promotes lymphatic drainage, which helps to remove waste and toxins from your body. Reduce puffiness, wrinkles and dark under eye circles. These rollers also assist in general circulation of the surrounding skin cells which brings fresh blood and oxygen to the skin.

Best facial roller

Amethyst Facial Roller- Purification & Protection
Amethyst works with the third eye & crown chakras helping bring emotional and physical harmony. It has a peaceful energy that aids in happiness and bliss by providing inner strength and self-awareness.

Black Obsidian Facial Roller – Protect & Detoxify
Black Obsidian is the ultimate protection stone, helping to clean and protect your aura from negative energy, mental stress, tension and psychic attacks. Opening your root chakra, it helps provide powerful grounding properties.

Blue Goldstone Facial Roller- Power& Protection
Blue Goldstone is associated with the heart, third eye & crown chakras and is believed to transmit healing energy, increase self-acceptance, aid in learning, and soothe hypersensitivity. It also provides courage and self-confidence.

Blue Howlite Facial Roller- Peace & Healing
Blue Howlite works with the crown & root chakras providing emotional healing. It raises your confidence levels and helps your inner strength begins to awaken once more. It provides a calming energy that encourages inner healing.

Clear Quartz Facial Roller- Healing Energy & Cleansing
Clear Quartz is the "Master Healer" Clear Quartz charges all the chakras removing any negative energy. Quartz is the strongest enhancing stone and helps reignite our true identity while showing us the path towards enlightenment. It's clear energy acts as an amplifier of the vibrations that are put into it, making it an excellent manifestation tool.

Jade Facial Roller– Tone & Define
The Jade facial roller can help to boost your confidence, increase your spirituality, enhance your intuition, balance your heart chakra and open your third eye. Jade also attracts good luck and good energy.

Labradorite Facial Roller- Stress & Anxiety
Labradorite heightens intuition and works well with the Third Eye & Crown Chakras. It brings good fortune and clarity of mind. It is a strong stone of protection and spirit.

Opalite Facial Roller- Energy Blockage & Healing
Opalite is subtle and highly energetic, perfect for meditation. It removes the blockage of all chakras and empowers you spiritually. It can improve your mood by restoring balance physical and spiritually.

Red Jasper Facial Roller- Grounding & Relaxation
Red Jasper engages the root and sacral chakra, infusing us with the earth's energy. Red Jasper is a stone that focuses one on their body's inner needs, while removing toxic environments and situations.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller – Calm & Soothe
Rose Quarts is a powerful stone that promotes universal love. It purifies and opens your heart chakra helping you increase your compassion toward others and yourself.

We provide information surrounding the metaphysical and healing properties of these items which allow the informed user to make their own connections with the Spirit of the stones. The metaphysical properties listed are not to be used as a substitute for proper medical attention or advice.

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