How To Cleanse Your Pendulum

Dowsing Pendulum

Holistic healers use pendulums for measuring energy fields or as a dowsing tool for divination purposes. Before you use your pendulum you will need to cleanse it. Learning how to cleanse a pendulum is so important before you use it, because you’re never sure what energies it has picked up.

A simple clearing for a brand new pendulum, or even one that just needs some revamping will not suffice. The energy that the pendulum picks up, any energy at all, will leave a signature on all of the answers you get going forward.

The strongest and most powerful way to cleanse your pendulum is by placing it on the earth, near a rock, for about 24 hours and letting it absorb the minerals of the earth. You don’t have to bury it, but surrounding the pendulum completely with the earth helps.

The benefit of not burying the pendulum is that it can also absorb the sunlight and moonlight if it is left out of the ground, while simultaneously absorbing the earth energy.

You can also fill a small can or bowl with dry brown rice. Submerge your pendulum or stone under the surface. Let rest for 24 hours. Dispose of rice after cleansing. 

Moonlight is an extremely powerful cleanser, especially when the moon is full or in any of the water signs. Leave your pendulum on a well-lit windowsill or outside while you sleep.

Sunlight is purifying and will get rid of negative energy. Place your pendulum on the window, making sure it has direct sunlight, and even open the window if possible. (avoid noon day if it's overly bright or hot). Please note - some crystals fade quickly if exposed to direct sunlight. Do not use this method on fluorite or amethyst as they will lose their color.

Recharging Selenite

Another way to cleanse your pendulum is by placing it on top of a piece of selenite or in a selenite bowl In most cases, a crystal in direct contact with selenite should be cleansed in 6-24 hours. 

If you think that the energies attached to your pendulum are not as strong, and that it may just need a light cleansing, you can always use Sage. In this instance you would light sage  and burn it, making sure the pendulum goes back and forth through the smoke.

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