Ritual and Spell Candle Colors and Meanings

Colors and candles hold many meanings and can be used as tools for rituals, sigils, ceremonies, meditations, and even spells. That’s why knowing candle color meanings are important. Every color you come across will carry a specific message and energy. You can use them to attract or banish certain things.

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Black candles are used for protection, getting rid of bad habits, ending unhealthy situations and absorbing or banishing negative energies. If you are grieving or have pain you can light one to give you strength. If you’re trying to delve deeper into your unconsciousness, you can light them during meditation.

Blue is a primary spiritual color, and it represents calmness, peace, emotional healing, communication, creativity and protection. Different shades of blue can hold different meanings. Dark blue candles have a deep connection with emotions and dreams and inspires joy and laughter. Royal blue helps you find your spiritual self, and It signifies fidelity and loyalty. Light blue is a good choice to use during inspirational meditations as it will improve your perception, creativity, and help you find the guidance you seek.

When you feel untethered, brown candles can help ground you. Brown candles represent the earth and are ideal for any situation that calls for neutrality, understanding, balance, and building trust. Brown can also help you have a stronger connection with animal guides.

If you are looking to do money magic or good luck magic, burn a green candle. Green candles symbolize abundance in all earthly things and are used in works involving nature. Use for health, prosperity, success and good luck.

The vibrant hue of orange summons ambition and creativity. Orange candles are excellent for career workings, or any other time you need to assert your strength and individuality. Orange combines the intellectual energy of yellow candles and the aggressive intent of red ones. Light an orange candle if you need help with things that involve both quick action and the mind.

Pink represents love, faith, friendship, self-love, happiness, affection and devotion. There’s nothing better to use than pink candles if you’re looking for love and affection, or need emotional healing. Use pink candles to attract joy, positivity and love.

Purple candles are associated with the Third Eye, wisdom, divination, physic powers and meditation. You can use a purple candle to deepen your spiritual awareness and knowledge during meditation. The color purple can be found prominently on ancestor altars during Samhain.

The color red symbolizes vitality, love, power, and sex. It represents temporal pleasures, as well as passion. Red candles can bring good luck, willpower, courage and determination. They can also be used for fast action, and when you want to attract a certain type of quality, like ambition, assertiveness, competition, drive, stamina, and strength.

White is one of the most inclusive colors in the world. A white candle can be used to replace almost any other color. There are many of meanings behind the color white, and some of the most common ones include innocence, purity, and enlightenment. They can also represent healing, peace, clarity, cleansing, protection, and more. You can light white candles if you want to heal or repel negativity. They will also provide you with guidance and protection.

Yellow is associated with the element of Air and the powers of the mind. Burn a yellow candle for success in school or the arts, or to enhance communication in a relationship. Yellow also increases focus and intuition. Yellow is a great choice for business spells, especially when you need fresh ideas and inspiration.

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